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Corporate Culture in William Demant

Corporate Culture 

Sennheiser Communications work close with Oticon and our corporate culture is based on the same philosophy.

Managers and employees

Oticon’s culture is based on the philosophy that an individual's point of view is more important than his or her title. With independent, responsible employees and colleagues, managerial responsibilities are incorporated at ground level.

Since Oticon’s style of working is project-based, managers are there to clear the track of any obstacles and make sure the individual and the team as a whole are achieving both personal and corporate goals.

At Oticon it is people's talents and expertise that govern the tasks they are asked to fulfil. Those who are professionally competent will gain plenty of influence and great responsibility in a company that offers independent jobs full of challenging assignments.

Professional development
Personal and professional development is essential for the production of quality solutions. At Oticon the majority of development arises from collaboration between competent colleagues who respect each other’s areas of expertise.

Our "flat" organisational structure emphasises teamwork and professional reasoning. Some have management responsibilities, but since there are very few managers in an organisation like ours, the most important career path is horizontal.

However, personal and professional developments are encouraged, as is the pursuit of one's unique talents and interests. Oticon offers individuals the opportunity to rotate internally when the opportunity arises.

"We put people first" is the Oticon philosophy

Our inspiration

When Hans Demant founded Oticon in 1904, he was driven by a profound desire to help his hard-of-hearing wife and others with similar problems lead a better life.

Inspired by this humanistic philosophy, the people of Oticon continue to focus on developing practical solutions that make living with a hearing loss so much easier.

Our philosophy
We believe it takes more than technology to create the best solutions. That's why we put the individual needs and wishes of hard-of-hearing people first when developing new technologies.

Whether it’s audiology, technology, hearing aid fitting systems, consumers or just the way we interact with hearing care professionals, our philosophy remains the same:

"We put people first"

Our mission

The professionals we work with across the globe and the specialists at Oticon share a common goal: To assure that our hearing solutions provide the highest possible satisfaction.
To accomplish our mission, we continuously:

  • Develop innovative and effective solutions     
  • Establish and build strong partnerships     
  • Share knowledge with professionals and hearing aid users


To develop innovative solutions, people need space, time to think and an opportunity to share their views. At Oticon they are allowed all three.

In an open environment, multi-disciplinary teams explore new opportunities in mechanics, audiology, digital signal processing, acoustics and electronics. Our specialists collaborate with research institutes, PhD students and scientists from across the globe.

Together we create and test new ideas. Some concepts are modified or revised, and others contribute to development of new, groundbreaking products.

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