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The European Union's Noise at Work Directive lays down new rules for protecting hearing on the job and draw increased attention to these problems worldwide. Officially known as "Directive 2003/10/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 February 2003 on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (noise)".

Understanding workplace noise
The following pages highlights the basic issues involved in workplace noise and the new limits set by the EU, so that you can make a well informed decision about how this affects your business and what you can do, and what you are obliged to.

We have solutions
Noise at work and related damages are neither new to the call center business, nor new to Sennheiser Communications or limited to the EU region. All headsets from Sennheiser Communications come equipped with our unique ActiveGard technologyTM. We have now also introduced a special active interface box to address the new EU directives limits for average noise exposure. 



The EU directive in brief
The directive basically deals with two types of noise induced hearing damages: Acoustic shock and excessive noise exposure throughout a working day.


Protection against acoustic shock
Acoustic shocks can cause temporary or permanent traumatic damage to hearing. The directive sets a limit to these types of sudden loud sounds at 135dB(A) which is comparable to standing next to an airplane taking off.

Protection against excessive noise

The directive defines two critical levels for noise exposure throughout a working day. For up to 80dB(A) the employer has no obligations. Between 80dB(A) and 85dB(A) the employer should offer hearing protection and education. For levels exceeding 85dB the employees must be provided with and wear hearing protective equipment.


Reduced Noise Level
The UI740 EU1 is a special version of our active universal interface box which complies with the new directive. The ideal active UI box when PC compatibility is not required, the UI 740 EU enables the user to conveniently switch between headset and handset. UI 740 EU ensures the safety of your workforce by protecting against noise induced hearing damages in accordance with the EU noise at work directive.


Acoustic Shock Protection
All headsets from Sennheiser Communications are delivered with our unique, highly advanced ActiveGard™ technology. ActiveGard™ is a unique sound compression system consisting of sophisticated electrical circuits which is incorporated into telephone headsets manufactured by Sennheiser Communications. The patented system utilizes compression technologies to remove the energy from an excessive incoming signal transmitted through the telephone system and leaves the signal free of distortion. 

Hearing is believing
Put our solutions to the test! Have your local Sennheiser Representative bring the ActiveGardTM test box to prove just how advanced the ActiveGardTM technology really is. Read more here