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31.03.2011 - Copenhagen

Sennheiser Communications becomes Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner

Copenhagen, Denmark, 31st March 2011 – Sennheiser Communications, a leading supplier of premium headset solutions, today announced that it has joined the Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program (AAPP) to develop applications compatible with Alcatel-Lucent IP Touch phones. Compatibility and interoperability testing have been successfully completed for Sennheiser Communications DW Series wireless and SH / CC wired headsets in combination with Alcatel-Lucent 8 Series IP Touch and 9 Series Digital Phones.

One of the key features of the fully compatible Sennheiser Communications headset and Alcatel-Lucent phone solution is the electronic hook switch (EHS), which enables remote operations of Sennheiser Communications DW Series wireless headsets with the Alcatel-Lucent 8 Series IP Touch and 9 Series Digital Phones. Users benefit from enhanced flexibility while handling key functions remotely such as answering and ending calls, adjusting the volume or muting the headset.

“As a leading provider of premium headsets for the enterprise market, working with Sennheiser Communications is in line with our goal of providing high-quality, interoperable communications solutions for end users,” said Vincent Weyl, Senior Director of Alcatel-Lucent AAPP. “Unified Communications is gaining traction in the enterprise market, and with advanced solutions from Alcatel-Lucent, including the My IC Smart DeskPhone,  working with Sennheiser Communications will provide an all-round communications solution focusing on enhanced productivity and end-user experience.”

 “Through our partnership with Alcatel-Lucent, we are excited to get the opportunity to deliver value to our mutual customers through a fully tested and compatible innovative communications solution,” says Lars Riis Rasmussen, Strategic Alliance Manager for Sennheiser Communications, adding  ”Being a central element in a voice communications solution, the Sennheiser Communications headsets provide leadership in sound quality, comfort and hearing protection for Contact Centers, Offices and Unified Communications professionals”

Sennheiser Communications is participating as sponsor in the Pavilion at Alcatel-Lucent’s Dynamic Enterprise Tour, which takes place in Barcelona April 5th and 6th. During this event, potential customers will be able to try out the combined Sennheiser Communications and Alcatel-Lucent communication solutions.

About Sennheiser Communications

Sennheiser Communications A/S is a joint venture between the electro acoustics specialist Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG and the hearing healthcare specialist William Demant Holding Group. The company manufactures wireless and wired headsets for mobile phones, Call Centres, Offices and Unified Communications, as well as PC and Mac computer headsets for VoIP, entertainment and gaming. Sennheiser Communications offers both single and double sided headsets to suit individual needs and has a wide range of solutions. For more information please visit

About Alcatel-Lucent’s AAPP program

The Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program (AAPP) supports companies that develop communications applications for Alcatel-Lucent enterprise solutions. The AAPP program brings three main advantages:

  • Easy interfacing with Alcatel-Lucent communication products: Alcatel-Lucent provide a range of standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs) and networking interfaces. These enable all Application Partners to benefit fully from the potential of Alcatel-Lucent products.
  • Testing and verification of a comprehensive range of third-party applications: A certification process guarantees interoperability between certified applications and Alcatel-Lucent platforms.
  • Promotion of Application Partnerships: The AAPP helps Partners promote their applications with Alcatel-Lucent customers and Business Partners through a wide range of initiatives.

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Press release

For more information about Sennheiser Communications and Alcatel-Lucent, please visit, or contact:

Sennheiser Communications A/S
Lars Riis Rasmussen
Strategic Alliance Manager
Langager 6 – 2680 Solrød Strand
Tel  +45 56 18 00 15
Fax +45 56 18 00 95
Virginie Eidel
AAPP Marketing
Av. Kleber,
92 Colombes
Tel +33(0) 1 55 66 77 10

Caption: The DW Series wireless headsets are one of the product lines that have been tested and are compatible with Alcatel-Lucent 8 Series IP Touch and 9 Series Digital phones.