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09.09.2011 - Copenhagen

Mac or PC, old or new computer – the new Sennheiser internet telephony headsets work with any computer

Copenhagen, 9 September, 2011. Regardless of whether you are an experienced headset user, if your computer is new or old, a PC or Mac, or features digital or analog plugs: with the launch of its new VoIP headsets, Sennheiser is bringing people and technology of all kinds closer together. The headsets require no installation and are fully compatible with Skype™, Windows Live™, Yahoo!® and AIM® messengers.

PC 7 USBWeighing between just 55 and 84 grams, the four new headsets are highly durable and made to stand the test of time.

Christian Ern, Product Manager at Sennheiser Communications says: “What we hear from consumers is that they need easy communication tools, such as light and durable headsets with quality sound for internet calls to friends and family. Headsets that work no matter which computer they are using. We are really excited to say: here they are!”

Like Sennheiser’s high-end PC and Xbox® gaming headsets, the new VoIP headsets are made from quality materials, making them almost impossible to break.

All headsets feature noise-canceling microphones that work to cancel out most background noise such as children shouting, TV sounds or music, ensuring that the conversation comes out clear at the other end.

The single-sided headsets enable users to listen and talk in comfort while having one ear free. For more engaging conversations, the dual-sided headsets allow for full engagement in stereo sound.

The new VoIP headset range features:
• PC 2 CHAT: Mono analog headset for PC.
• PC 3 CHAT: Stereo analog headset for PC.
• PC 7 USB: Mono USB headset for PC and MAC.
• PC 8 USB: Stereo USB headset for PC and MAC, with integrated volume and mute controls.

All headsets are available worldwide from September 2011.

Sennheiser knows that headsets must be durable to last. That’s why we offer a two-year international warranty on all models.

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Sennheiser Communications A/S is a joint venture between the audio specialist Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG and the hearing healthcare specialist William Demant Holding Group. The company manufactures wireless and wired headsets for mobile phones, call centers, offices and Unified Communications, as well as PC and Mac computer headsets for VoIP, entertainment and gaming. Sennheiser Communications offers both single- and dual-sided headsets to suit individual needs and has a wide range of solutions. For more information, please visit

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